Management Software for
Central Monitoring Stations

25 years we work beside private security companies with installations on the biggest CMS in Greece

We are always at your disposal

24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Immediate response

We make your job easier

Simple and Flexible Interface

We grow together

Unlimited number of Subscribers
Tiered Pricing

Edge-Cutting Technologies at your service

User Friendly Interface
Multiple windows

With automated moves for Software Operators which offer speed and minimize human error. The operator does not need to find the signal, the signal comes to the Operator.

History Backup for all years

You can review information from any time period and collect the data you require.

Unlimited Time Schedules (Arming-Disarming)
Per Client

With this feature you are able to cover every possible combination of schedules and handle the specific needs of your subscribers in the most efficient way.


For the Reception, Processing and Transfer of the signals of severity (fire, burglary, power failure etc). The ability to change the Sound Alert according to the signal type, gives the operator an alertness benefit.


With one click! You can avoid false calls and save time

AUTOMATED SMS, Email and Fax

Of the signals that you have forwarded to predefined recipients in real time.
This feature is activated based on the parameters that your station has determined, such as: Important Alarm Signal, Expiry of Contact payment etc.

Emergency Feature

Using a simple telephone device and an automated phone call button.


Systems that constantly send the same signal
(eg battery failure or zone failure) are isolated until they are restored. Isolation may involve a particular signal or zone or the whole system.