Image Capture Software

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Monitor the incident in real time!

The software notifies the CMS so that the operator focuses on that particular camera and at the same time it records the incident in history.

OsVision recieves image only in the event of a triggered alarm, minimazing the need for a large bandwidth and achieving the maximum possible image capture.

The operators are not required to constantly monitor the cameras, so their work becomes more efficient for the center and more secure for your clients.

OsVision supports most types of recorders and cameras (Dahua, Tvt, Hikvision, icatch and Axxon and Cathexis video analytics software)

OsVision allows you to review the incident history in order to examine the incident that intrests you. The video is played after an automated decryption by the program.

-Safely evaluate the incidents, avoiding false alarms!

-Retrieve videos of the incidents even if your customer's DVRs have been destroyed or stolen!

Damages or internet disconnections that can cancel the video capture, are detected immediatly so that they will be restored by your technical department.